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The sunrise at Haedong Yonggungsa is very spectacular. Watching the red sun that rises through the horizon making the morning twilight brighter will get you extremely impressed and the joy in your mind boil up.

Bright moon at an autumn night

Comming down the 108 stairs at a full moon night is so fantastic and attractive that you wouldn't even be able to describe the feeling..


The temple in the foggy early morning

If you see Yonggungsa amidst the fog in the early morning you will wonder if you're dreaming, which is the reason why the mountain where the temple is located is called Bongrae mountain (mountain where mysterious hermits enjoy their time).


Endless sea views from Sirangdae

Watching the endless sea from the Sirangdae, we can go into a spiritual state of perfect selflessness.


Night scenery on Buddha's birthday

It's spectacular, indeed, to watch the lines of lotus lanterns celebrating Buddha's birthday from Yaksajeon on Buddha's birthday night.


Cherry blossoms in spring

The cherry flowers at the gate of the temple are quite beautiful. You wouldn't miss even a utopia if you are in full blossoms of thousands of cherry flowers.